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The replacement of public lighting in the municipality of Krásné Údolí

In recent times, we have successfully completed the final stage of lighting replacement in the municipality of Krásné Údolí. This work was a significant challenge for us, but thanks to our team of experts and modern technologies, we managed to accomplish it.

The lighting replacement also included the section leading to Plzeň, which allowed us to improve safety and comfort for drivers and pedestrians. We are delighted that the municipality of Krásné Údolí was satisfied with our work and that we could contribute to better lighting in this beautiful area.

Our company is proud to have been a part of such a significant project and to have provided the municipality of Krásné Údolí with modern and efficient lighting. We are ready to assist in the future as well.

We would like to thank the municipality of Krásné Údolí for the trust they have placed in us regarding this matter and for the opportunity to be part of the improvement of this area. We understand the importance of delivering high-quality services, and we will continue to strive for excellence.

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The replacement of public lighting in the municipality of Tajná

We are pleased to announce that we have recently completed the lighting replacement in the municipality of Tajná. Although it involved only a few light fixtures, we were willing to take on this project and successfully execute it. While other competing companies might consider this project less significant, in our company, we treat every customer with equal attention and strive to provide quality services to all, regardless of the project's scale. The lighting replacement in the municipality of Tajná was important to us, and we gladly undertook it. We believe that we have fully met the municipality's requirements, and we are ready to assist in the future if any further lighting modifications are needed. Even though some projects may be smaller in scope, they are significant to us, and we are happy to take them on.

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Lighting of the sports hall - Lokomotiva Cheb

The lighting in the Lokomotiva Cheb sports hall has undergone modernization, enabling remote control through an application and providing up to 1100 lux of brightness on the playing surface. Thanks to this modernization, visibility has improved during live television broadcasts, contributing to better experiences for both fans and athletes. The new lighting also enhances the training conditions for the sports team and enables players to achieve better performance. Overall, this lighting modernization showcases how modern technology can bring benefits and enhance experiences in various events, not just limited to sports.

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Implementation of public lighting in Karlovy Vary, Horní nádraží

The successful implementation of LED lighting in the arrival area and bus stop at Horní nádraží in Karlovy Vary is behind us. From April to July 2019, we collaborated with our partner company to ensure the production and installation of public LED lighting. We installed complete cable infrastructure, mounted design poles, fixtures, bollards, and transition column luminaires. After consultation between the designer and our public lighting specialists, we made adjustments to the original design, and the fixtures were equipped with energy-efficient LED light sources. Over the following years, this will result in significant savings in electricity consumption for the city of Karlovy Vary.

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Public lighting Nebužely

In the middle of 2018, we carried out the replacement of public lighting in the village of Nebužely near Mělník. As part of the project, the old and inadequate lighting was replaced with modern and energy-efficient LED lamps manufactured by our company in the EU. In total, over 100 units of iLED PSL 40 and iLED PSL 20 fixtures were installed. For the local pedestrian crossing, we installed 2 units of iLED CrossWalk S 60, ensuring good visibility for pedestrians both on the crossing and at a significant distance. As part of the project, we also repaired certain damaged sections of the cable infrastructure. Completely new lighting was installed on U Hřbitova Street. Overall, we needed to provide 20 units of 6m poles, 17 units of 4.5m poles, over 800m of AYKY cable 4x16mm, and other necessary electrical installation materials.

Prior to the replacement of public lighting by our company, the municipality was paying a monthly amount of 15 260 Kč for electricity consumption and lighting repairs.

Now, the monthly payment will be 6 163 Kč. This represents a savings of 60%.

Unfortunately, the municipality did not qualify for any subsidy programs, so we resolved the project with financing and deferred payment, which did not create any debt for the municipality. In practice, this means that the municipality will pay a monthly installment to the bank from the cost savings of operating public lighting, which is completely renovated "for free" during the warranty period.

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Public lighting Hroznětín

We collaborated on public lighting in Karlovarská Street, Koželužská Street, and towards the Housing Estate.
In cooperation with a partner company, we carried out the replacement of public lighting in the municipality of Hroznětín starting from September 2017.

In Koželužská Street, the existing sodium lights were replaced with LED lights PSL 35. There were modifications made to the brackets and the existing poles were treated with galvanized paint. In Karlovarská Street and the Housing Estate, the electrical wiring, which was no longer suitable, was replaced. Brand new poles were installed, and our PSL 50 and PSL 20 lights were installed on the brackets. The project was completed in three stages, and in December 2017, it was successfully finished to the satisfaction of the Hroznětín municipal authorities.

The original power consumption of the replaced lights was 10.125 kW.

The power consumption of the installed lights is 2.025 kW. Therefore, there is an 80% energy saving.

If we calculate the price of one kWh at 4 Kč, the annual savings amount to 130,487 Kč.

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Areal Hamr Sport Štěrboholy

Illumination of the playing areas with LED homogeneous light without causing glare to the players in individual courts, while meeting the standards for the average court illumination for the European Championship and the Czech Republic Championship in badminton.

We were able to meet the lighting requirements for the European Championship held in November 2017 and the Czech Republic Championship held in January 2017. The technical delegate measured an average value of ˃1100 lx on the playing surface. We installed 116 lights from our own production labeled iLED sport industry solution. As proof of satisfaction and successful completion of the project, we received a confirmation of implementation signed by the Czech Badminton Association.

The standards used were: ČSN EN 12193, the Czech Badminton Association regulations, and the International Badminton Federation manual.

You can view the received certificate here

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Complete reconstruction of street lighting in Ohrid, Macedonia

Company HDT impex Ltd. in cooperation with ICS Systems Ltd. implemented a project for comprehensive replacement of public lighting in Ohrid. The historic city of Ohrid is located in the southwestern part of the Republic of Macedonia, near the northeastern shore of Lake Ohrid. It is a significant tourist center in Macedonia and has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1980.

The project for complete replacement of public lighting with new and energy-efficient LED fixtures was unique not only in its scope but also in its financing method. The replacement of public lighting, valued at 3.5 million EUR, was financed through a PPP project (public-private partnership). The city of Ohrid will save 80% of the original energy consumption costs for public lighting.

The LED lighting used was manufactured in the EU. Our company, HDT impex, was the exclusive supplier of the technology and spent several months developing special LED fixtures with unique optics. Technicians replaced over 8,000 light points with modern LED fixtures, including conventional streetlights, and special LED light sources for unique lanterns in the historic part of the city, designed to match the local architecture style known as the "Ohrid House." We also addressed the requirements for using different color temperatures of public lighting in different parts of the city.

On April 26, 2016, the ceremonial handover of the entire project took place at the Millenium Palace hotel in Ohrid. The event was attended by the Mayor of the Municipality of Ohrid, Nikola Bakračeski, the Ambassador of the Czech Republic, Miroslav Rameš, invited mayors from other Macedonian cities, a number of local prominent entrepreneurs, and representatives of both Karlovy Vary companies involved in the project's implementation.

You can find the press release here.

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