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Installed 5000 light
Last year energ. saving 3000 MW
Money saved 78 000
What do we offer


  • manufacturing process in EU
  • unique technology and development
  • original and modern design
  • significantly energy saving
  • wide financial possibilities for your project
  • financing from savings
  • integration into SMART CITY system
  • control aplication, LoRaWAN
  • smart control
iLED.cz is a provider of professional LED lighting for outdoor, indoor and public streets and spaces. We will change your current lights sources with our modern LED technology. We will make audit of your actual energy cost and prepare project for optimal relamping to your needs.

LED technology bring significant energy saving, with keeping high light output. We can provide lightings for any building, outdoor and indoor spaces, sport complexes, industrial halls, public spaces or streets.

We offer quality products, which we have develop. We can manufacture lights to satisfy any needs you would have on design or parameters. Dont wait till your current lights simply stop working and start saving with us now. You can contact our specialist anytime.